Baldwin Will Launch TexCoat G4 In India Soon

Simone Morellini, Sales Manager Mediterranean Countries, Baldwin Technology GmbH

What did Baldwin have on display at ITMA?
We displayed our newly launched ‘TexCoat G4’ at ITMA Barcelona for the first time. And our Ahlbrandt rotar spray technology was also showcased.

Can you tell us about the TexCoat G4? And what are its benefits?
TexCoat G4 is a revolutionary non-contact precision application system for fabric finishing. The system enables a continuously high quality and productive textile finishing process with zero chemical waste and drastically reduced water and energy consumption.

Baldwin TexCoat G4 enables a wide range of low-viscosity chemistries, single and dual-sided applications and various textile characteristics as well as wet-on-wet applications. The fully automatic flushing performs a chemistry change in less than five minutes, which saves a lot of time, especially when several small volume productions are run on a daily basis.

Individual nozzle control and automatic volume adjustment ensure a continuously precise and uniform finishing – every time, in any process conditions and capacities. If the exact amount of chemistry is applied in relation to cloth width, g/m2 and textile characteristics, no chemistry is wasted in the process. With the TexCoat G4 technology applied, up to 50% less water is used in the finishing process which in turn leads to up to 50% less drying energy consumption.

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Mist containment covers secure a healthy working environment by encapsulating and preventing aerosols from escaping. Low energy consumption, reduced waste of water and chemistry combined with a healthy working environment are results of its technical features, ensuring a sustainable textile finishing.


  • Less energy consumption
  • Reduced water and chemistry consumption
  • Reduced water and chemistry waste
  • Minimised downtime
  • Healthy working environment
  • Easy maintenance
  • Total process control with Industry 4.0 enabled interface
  • Short-term Return On Investment (ROI) – with savings in many areas. Often less than 1 year!
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Where all does Baldwin have its markets for textiles?
Baldwin has its export market in the entire Europe, North America, Central America and Japan. We are shortly looking to expand our business in India, Bangladesh and many more countries in Asia.

India and Bangladesh are important markets for textile technology, what is the reason you have not been exporting to these countries yet?
This is a new technology, we wanted our clients to be closer to our R&D unit, so it would be easy for us to access their needs and monitor the technology. Now that the system is much more mature, we are ready to export to the rest of the world. We are already in discussions with some of the agents in India to get our business started in the country and ITMA exhibition is the best place to find the perfect agent for Baldwin products.

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How was the response at ITMA?
It was an enormous success for us, we didn’t expect so much. It was a very busy time for us and we have successfully closed some deals here.

We are absolutely happy with the exhibition. We received visitors from all across the globe, our prime visitors came from Turkey, Italy, USA, Central America and India.


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