Bangladesh Was Third Largest Apparel Supplier To US In 2020


According to the latest data of OTEXA, USA has witnessed a dip in its apparel imports in 2020 both in terms of value and volume. USA apparel imports totaled to US$ 64.07 billion in 2020, but registered a negative growth of 23.46% compared to the previous year. The volumes also dropped by 16.37% in 2020 with import of 2.31 billion SME of apparels. As a result, all the top apparel exporting countries witnessed a drop in their respective exports to US. As far as volume-wise import of US is concerned, China, Indonesia and India’s apparel shipment fell in double digits, while Vietnam and Bangladesh declined in single digits. Cambodia has grown remarkable well in terms of both value and volume in its apparel shipment to USA in 2020 over the previous year.

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In volume terms, Cambodia even surpassed Indonesia and India and climbed to the 4th spot after China, Vietnam and Bangladesh from 6th rank in the 2019 tally.

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