Bangladesh’s Apparel Exports Show Some Recovery


Bangladesh’s apparel exports in December at US$ 2.65 billion was down 9.7% year-on-year, but up 8.4% month-on-month. Within the overall apparel exports, the export value of knitted apparel was US$ 1.39 billion, down 0.5% year-on-year but up 4.1% month-on-month, and the export of woven apparel was US$ 1.26 billion, down 18.1% year-on-year but up 13.6% month-on-month. During January-December, Bangladesh’s apparel exports reached US$ 27.47 billion, down 16.9% year-on-year. Export value of knitted apparel was US$ 14.23 billion, down 13.5% year-on-year and that of woven apparel was US$ 13.24 billion, down 20.4% year-on-year.

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In December, Bangladesh’s home textile exports kept growing and the value reached US$ 97 million, up by 36.7% year-on-year and 2.3% month-on-month; in Jan-Dec, the cumulative export volume was US$ 940 million, up by 15.2%year-on-year.

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