BGMEA To Set Up Apparel Innovation Centre


The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) is establishing the first Apparel Innovation Centre in the country. Abdullah Hil Rakib, Managing Director of the Team Group and a director of BGMEA will be the director in-charge of the BGMEA Innovation Centre.

Many factors have led to the need for an innovation centre. According to Rakib, “The clothing industry has reached an `evolve or die’ situation because disruptive technologies are frequently challenging conventional ways of conducting business. Besides, consumers’ changing appetite and increasing competition in the global retail supply chain has made the pursuit of innovation all the more important. Today more than ever, it is imperative to focus on product design, reducing lead time, increasing productivity, adapting to the latest technologies, minimising production costs and making manufacturing plants more sustainable. With this in mind, the BGMEA is going to launch the new Centre for Innovation, Efficiency and Occupational Safety and Health at the newly built headoffice of the BGMEA in Uttara, which will work as a knowledge hub for the industry.”

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The Centre will also serve as an extended display centre of the collections developed there and by participants from individual factories. The structural and interior investments for the Innovation Centre amount to about US$ 250,000. In addition to that, the BGMEA will bear the operational expenses of the Centre, including the salaries of its staff. The major technological and knowledge showcasing at the Centre will happen through partnership with technology providing companies, embassies and development partners.

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