Business Sentiments In Chinese Textile Industry Are Positive

J. M. Balaji, Head, Marketing, LRT

How was the business sentiment during ITMA Asia? 
The overall business sentiment in the Chinese market is very positive and both demand and supply is good in the entire textile value chain. The number of Chinese visitors was the same as we used to receive pre-Covid. Over 150 customers visited LRT booth and 100% were from China this year. As we all know due to the quarantine rules in China, we did not have any overseas visitors this year.

However, many exhibitors who had earlier booked in ITMA ASIA cancelled their participation this year due to the prevailing situation. Hence the show was much smaller in size compared to the previous ITMA ASIA editions.

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Was participation for LRT beneficial given this situation?
The main objective of LRT participating in these exhibitions is to build on our brand value and listen to the feedback of our customers in person. It is very important for us to participate in these exhibitions which is a meeting point for all our subagents throughout China. It gives us an opportunity to devise our strategies and understand the market and customer requirements better. Hence we participate in exhibitions every year in China. This will immensely help us in the long run to enhance our reputation and brand name in the market.

Were you satisfied with the implementation of safety norms at the show? 
The show was very well organised and all exhibitors felt very safe at the show. All Covid protocols were followed and implemented strictly. All exhibitors were happy participating in the show.

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Is Itma Asia a precursor of physical trade exhibitions in the textile industry?
I don’t think so. Physical trade shows can only happen in countries where the Covid situation is under control. We cannot generalise that ITMA ASIA will open the flood gates for other international exhibitions. With travel restrictions and quarantine rules on, international visitors and exhibitors will find it difficult to visit other countries. Hence for the next few months, I feel that all international exhibitions will be again postponed. Exhibitions which mainly have domestic visitors will see physical exhibitions.

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Your confidence after this show?
It is a good platform for LRT to meet all the customers from different provinces of China during these five days. We have confidence to get further business after this show. China is a growing for us and this exhibiton will help us in this front.


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