China Sets 2023 Import Quotas For Cotton

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According to National Development and Reform Commission, 894kt of WTO-related tariff quotas on cotton will be allocated in 2023, and about 33% of quotas are given to state-owned enterprises.

The applicants were registered in market supervision and administration department before October 1 2022; have good financial status, tax records and integrity; have not violated The Interim Measures for the Administration of Import Tariff Quotas of Agricultural Products. Besides, the applicants need to meet one of the following eligibility criteria:

  1. State-owned enterprises.
  1. Cotton textile enterprises with spinning capacity at and above 50,000 spindles.
  1. Spun-lace nonwoven cotton fabric enterprises with yearly capacity above 8,000 tons (capacity of spun-lace production line with working width≤3 meters is 2,000 tons, and capacity of the production line with working width > meters is 4,000 tons)
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