CHTC Fong To Display Their Might At ITMA Asia 2018

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CHTC Fong’s has been committed to the development and manufacturing of dyeing and finishing equipment for more than 50 years. In the past decades, CHTC Fong’s devoted to the development of energy-saving and emission reduction machines and now it becomes the basic conditions for dyeing factories. Today, we live in a digital era, though in the traditional textile industry, CHTC Fong’s has been with the times. Together with its well-known brands: Fong’s, Monforts Fong’s, Xorella, Then, Goller, FWT and Monforts, CHTC Fong’s dedicated in the development of Smart Dyeing & Finishing and join with the customers to build the intelligent dyeing factory.

The CHTC FONG’S Group is proud to present the “one-stop” sustainable solution in dyeing and finishing range of “pre-treatment, dyeing, post-treatment and waste water treatment” at ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018 in Hall 6, D05 and yarn conditioning and heat setting in Hall 2, E04, National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai, China from Oct 15th to Oct 19th. CHTC FONG’S will exhibit a full line of the most advanced and innovative products and technology including our new product- FONG’S TECWIN High Temperature Dyeing Machine,THEN AIRJETWIN Aerodynamic High Temperature Dyeing Machine, GOLLER DYEPADDER ECONOMICA Nip-in-Trough, MONFORTS FONG’S MONTEX 6500 Stenter Frame Range, MONFORTS FONG’S MONTEX 6500 AIR FILTRATION OMNI Stenter Frame and MONFORTS FONG’S MONFONGS STRAHM HiPer Shrink Astra. In addition, CHTC FONG’S will also demonstrate the innovative smart dyeing and finishing at the booth. We are looking forward to your visits.

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FONG’S TECWIN: High Temperature Dyeing MachineL: 

FONG’S TECWIN is designed to adopt the ever-changing textile market nowadays. The reliability and versatility is further improved from the last generation. TECWIN is equipped with several patented designs:

Combined Air & Front Spray Nozzle: Front spray nozzle improves the degree of dye liquor interchange before the fabrics entering the main nozzle. The color balance and quality of fabric can then be enhanced. If optional blower is equipped, blower will provide high pressure aerodynamic flow in spray nozzle, in order to effectively increase the degree of dye liquor interchange. It is specifically designed for dyeing fabrics that demand high quality.

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Automatic Adjustable Nozzle: Adjustment of nozzle setting is automatically done by means of motor drive system, and hence manual adjustment of nozzle is not required.

Liquid Dispersion Storage Chamber: Special designed stainless steel bottom sieve facilitates the liquid dispersion process and thus reducing the risks of fabric scratching or trapping caused by the PTFE tubes design.

Upper and Lower Overflow:  Innovative use of upper and lower overflow rinsing systems can deal with various kinds of fabrics. Lower Overflow Rinsing is to maintain a pumping operation with low water level and to improve dye liquor separation. Upper Overflow Rinsing is adopted for conventional overflow rinsing function.

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Furthermore, the Dye Liquor Separation Design allows body size fabrics to stack in a much organized way which maximizing the loading capacity, providing smoother operation and lowering the liquor ratio. Equipped with the adjustable loading chamber with optimized chamber design to resolve the separation difficulties occurred when running double rope fabrics.


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