Bangladesh: Cixing Machines Can Match Performance Of European Technology

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The flat knitting machine is in good demand in the country, as Bangladesh could well be the last sweater manufacturing destination. Knitting charges in China are lower, but we have cheap manpower. We have good number of technical people. In Bangladesh, we see a lot of investments and huge production facilities for sweaters for the European market, and this, without the GSP benefit. This has resulted in very good sales of our machines. Our vision for 2015 is to sell 5,000 machines and we are hopeful about achieving this target.

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New at Cixing

We have introduced the CX-2-45C fixed gauge machine, we use turbo motor and the machine speed and smoothness are better than the previous one. The machine is priced at Tk. 14,000, and offers productivity and quality levels that match European machines. This is our latest development. Cixing machines offer the quality, productivity of European technology, but at much lower price.

Training Centre

We have set up a training school on an area of 42,000 sqft, to train technicians in the use of our machines. We believe that without proper and adequate training of the operators, even the best of machines may not function well, operators will not be able to get the best out of the machine. Our training school is of international standard.  We also have service facilities  in Bangladesh.  Our motto is to make Bangladeshi operators and technicians more competent in machine-handling.

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Support from government

Bangladesh government can give us long term support – long term credit facilities from banks, lowering interest rates, and generally improving the foreign investment climate. As China slows down in textile and apparel business, Bangladesh can move forward faster. For this, we need to attract investors, and this will happen when the government can offer better infrastructure – roads, ports, electricity.  

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