Brückner Invests In New Production Site

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German textile machinery manufacturer Brückner is investing in a new production facility and civil work for the building has already began this month. Brückner will spend about 40 million Euro in total for estate, buildings and machinery for the facility which will be completed by the end of 2017.

Brückner’s production site is located in the Bavarian town Tittmoning since 1960. With about 180 employees and workers at this site the company produces about 120 machines every year and 95 % of which are exported all around the globe. The administration division of the company is located in Leonberg near Stuttgart and has about 200 employees. It includes the divisions of research, design engineering, sales, marketing, service, spare parts, material management, IT as well as human resources and accounting.  In 2004, the production of smaller machine components in Leonberg was completely moved to Tittmoning in order to optimise the workflow. This change allowed creating a large technology centre in Leonberg where customers can test several Brückner machines and develop their textile products further. 

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The requirements for textile machinery and their functions have changed in the last few years. As a result the machines and lines are getting larger and more complex, mainly if they are not supplied to the classical garment industry but shall be used for the production of technically challenging end products. As a consequence, Brücknerhas also repositioned itself to cater to the customer’s needs. Since the current site has limited area for expansion,Brückner has made the bold decision to build a completely new production site at the outskirts of Tittmoning.

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The new production site is being designed with environment protection features and energy saving techniques. It will offer approx. 25000 square meter production space for about 180 employees.

Commenting on the new production facility, Regina Brückner said “We are proud of our ‘Made in Germany’ quality and we rely on it in future as well. In addition, it is important for us to build an energy-efficient building and happy that our new production site shall be as energy- efficient as our machinery lines.”

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