Madhya Pradesh: Trident expands at its Budhni open-end spinning capacity


After recently unveiling the world’s largest terry towel factory, Trident Group aims to surpass the bounds of being the world’s largest integrated home textile manufacturer and continues to expand and modernize its capacities making it comparable with global standards.

Trident Limited (Trident), the flagship Company of the Group, commissioned an open end yarn spinning expansion project on July 15, 2014, having manufacturing capacity of approximately 10,000 TPA of cotton open end yarn for meeting its yarn requirement for the terry towel unit in Budhni, located in central India

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 Trident has yarn manufacturing capacity of 366,000 ring spindles and 3,584 rotors.  The newly commissioned open end yarn spinning project now adds another 1920 rotors to its capacities with an investment of US$ 10 million

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