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Rotorcraft stands for Swiss Innovations in Spinning Technology. At ITMA Asia 2016, Rotorcraft will again show new developments which embody the operating principles of all of our products:

Efficiency, Simplicity and Sustainability.

For the first time world wide, a revolutionary ring spinning frame will be introduced: Next Generation Spinning (NGS ®). This frame meets all the requirements of a 21st century mill. Its' features and benefits are, among others:

1. To avoid setting errors of any kind, all setting screws are omitted.

2. Setting of the drafting systems is achieved by the use of exchangeable elements in different colors.

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3. The distance between the drafting system and the spinning ring remains constant.

4. Bottom aprons are replaceable individually while the frame is running.

5. A low-pressure channel is built in between the working elements of both sides of the frame. The channel is large enough to fit the suction tubes as well as the low-pressure elements for pneumatic compact spinning.

6. The two sides of the frame work independently.

7. All bearings of the working elements are sealed for life.

8. Ring frames with 2000 spindles without the use of an additional drive for bottom rollers at the midpoint of the frame become possible.

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9. Equalized tension and evenness of yarn at a constant production speed go along with either better quality or a higher overall output.

The next generation of Compact Spinning Systems – Green Compact ® – attains the yarn quality improvements introduced by the first generation of compacting systems, while saving 6-8 kwh hours of energy per spindle per year. It therefore performs considerably more economically and sustainably compared to old generation compacting systems.

The new top arm RT3 ® has been optimized in its design and performance. It offers spinning mills the benefit of eliminating all possible sources of operating errors.

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This is achieved by adjusting settings in defined steps using saddle inserts of different color; literally in a few seconds. Rotorcraft looks forward to welcoming an international audience to our ITMA Asia booth No. A01 in Hall 01.   


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