CRI Launches Idea Competition For Textile Recycling


Montreal, Canada based non-profit organisation, Clean Recycling Initiative™ has launched a marketing idea competition in collaboration with McGill University. The competition is to facilitate fresh and innovative ideas of promoting the most sustainable technology platform in the global textile industry, named as Clean Recycling Initiative™.

The students of McGill will be challenged to come up with effective ways of delivering messages according to the following segments and target audience: Segment 1: Educate the public about the issues created by textile wastes, in particular, where the wastes end up even when they are put in local blue bins, salvation army, etc., with the assumption they are recycled / reused.

Target audience: Everyone around the globe, i.e., consumers of textile goods and creators of textile wastes

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Segment 2: Promote the technologies of Clean Recycling Initiative™ within the global textile industry for cleanly recycling process-wastes from textile factories.

Target audience: Brands, manufacturers, retailers, distributors and transporters of textile goods

“I am confident that the students will gain some new perspectives about our environment from the information we will present to them and may come up with great ideas to promote the messages we intend to propagate”, said Sae Chang, CEO of Clean Recycling Initiative™.

Sae further stated, “We are trying to make this event with engagement from the public by allowing our social media followers to vote for the winners! It will be a fun and educational event for the global audience interested in saving our precious environment!”.

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The winners of the competition will be awarded with $2,000 for the first, $1,000 for the second and $500 for the third place.

Clean Recycling Initiative ™ was established based on the donations from a Montreal, Canada based company, HEAT-MX™, which specialises in thermal insulation business. The organisation engages in providing solutions for recycling textile wastes without using chemicals or any other harmful processes for the environment.

The technology platform consists of three different levels, defined based on the sources of textile wastes and how to collect and process them. Level 1 is for household wastes with labeling requirements fulfilled by the general public. Level 2 is for manufacturing wastes from textile mills and Level 3 is for specific types of intermediary raw material manufacturing. Although the technologies were developed based on how the materials from each level are processed, one important aspect of it concerns the collections, especially in Level 1, i.e., household wastes. Therefore, the organisation will work with federal governments, municipalities, law makers, etc., around the globe to help implement the technology platform.

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