Dhanesh Weaving Develops Hemp-Wool Needlepunch Nonwoven Fabric In India For The First Time


Dhanesh Weaving’s hemp-wool needlepunch nonwoven fabric is an eco-friendly textile that has multiple applications.

Hemp-wool needlepunch nonwoven fabric finds applications across the spectrum of functional fabrics, apparel and technical textiles. And the good news is that this innovative fabric is being manufactured in India by none other than Dhanesh Weaving.

Hemp wool needlepunch nonwoven fabric is the first-of-its-kind development in India, and probably across the world. Dhanesh Weaving has launched a brand Shanaya & Keith, with the main objective of creating innovative, eco-friendly textiles made only from sustainable fibres. And the hemp-wool nonwoven fabric is just one such development under this brand.

“With an inherent shift to be 100% eco-friendly, we are moving our production towards sustainable fabrics, with a main focus on fibres such as hemp, Bemberg, recycled wool, and jute. We have succeeded in converting approximately 20% of our production towards sustainable fabrics,” informed Mr. Vikas Narang, Director, DWPL.

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According to Mr. Sanjeev Bhartia, Marketing Director, DWPL, “The fabric has endless uses across the entire textile spectrum, be it functional apparel, or technical textiles. The world is moving towards sustainable, environment-friendly products and processes. This fabric meets the sustainable objective while improving the functional properties of textiles and apparel. I envisage great potential for this innovation in the world markets.”

Applications of hemp-wool nonwoven needlepunch fabric

  • Grotech: Agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture, forestry
  • Buildtech: Building and construction
  • Clothtech: Technical components of footwear and clothing
  • Geotech: Geotextiles and civil engineering
  • Hometech: Technical components of furniture and floor coverings
  • Indutech: Filtration, conveying, cleaning and other industrial uses
  • Meditech: Hygiene and medical textiles
  • Mobiltech: Automobiles, shipping, railways and aerospace
  • Oekotech: Environmental protection
  • Packtech: Packaging
  • Protech: Personal and property protection
  • Sportech: Sports and leisure

How does the blend of hemp and wool improve functionality?
Both hemp and wool have some interesting inherent properties that make the fibres individually, and as a blend, more superior to other fibres.

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Inherent properties of wool

  • Wrinkle-resistant; wool springs back quickly after stretching
  • Resists soiling; fibre forms a complex matting
  • Retains its shape; resilient fibres return to original size after washing
  • Fire resistant; fibres don’t support combustion
  • Wool is durable; resists wear and tear
  • Repels moisture; fibre sheds water
  • Fabric is comfortable in all seasons; traps a layer of air next to the skin to keep the wearer comfortable.
  • It’s a great insulator; air is trapped between its fibres forming a barrier
  • Wool impedes heat transfer, making it good at keeping you cool or warm, depending on the weather.

Inherent properties of hemp
For thousands of years, hemp fibre has been used for many industrial applications. This is because it is the strongest and longest natural fibre known to mankind. Hemp fibres are more absorbent, durable, softer, and warmer than cotton and other types of fabrics available today.

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There are many other benefits of hemp in textile applications:

  • Weather resistant
  • Mold and insect resistant
  • No herbicides/pesticides required to grow hemp
  • Requires little to no irrigation
  • Blocks UV rays
  • Anti-microbial.

Dhanesh Weaving has already received overwhelming response from across the globe for its 100% hemp face masks. “We will be patenting the hemp-wool needlepunch nonwoven fabric, as this is a unique process that I have developed,” informed Mr. Bhartia.


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