Digital Printing Technology Is Very Versatile

Kirit Patel, Creative Founder, Texture Digital

Ahmedabad-based Kirit Patel’s Texture Digital has moved into the premium market segment thanks to textile digital printing technology.

When did you start your textile digital printing business? 

Why did you choose digital printing?
Digital printing is a new, very versatile technology, allowing for a lot of innovations and creativity. When it comes to creativity, with digital printing, sky is the limit.

What benefits and advantages have you gained due to digital printing?
We have achieved a higher profile businesswise, as we are able to cater to the premium market segment. Screen printing has a lot of limitations. Digital printing has no such limitations.

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Moreover, delivery schedules are faster, small quantities and production runs are also viable, with zero defects and value loss. Sustainability is easily achieved with digital printing. It is a low polluting technology as digital ink fixation is very high, with high level of fastness.

These advantages of the technology has helped us to move into the premium segment.

Which machines are you using?
I use EFI Reggiani 340 machine from Italy, with 3400 mm fabric width.

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What products do you supply?
I make bedsheets, curtains, garments, made-ups.

What is your current production capacity?
My production capacity per day is 4000 meters. This is enough for now, given the textile market conditions.

Any special products that you have made which you feel can be made only with digital printing?
Oh yes, I have made so many innovative creations such as lifelike images, 3D images, prints that look just like hand embroidery. Hand embroidery, etc take a long time, but with digital printing I can do the same look in the shortest imaginable time.

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