Distaff Side Peps Up Denim Markets World Over

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When the chips are down the women make the Jeans manufacturers sing for their glory. This is the story to be told with brands ranging from Calvin Klein to Ralph Lauren, just to cite America’s big names making a sincere effort to revive the blue jean that was in the hall of fame of the nineties and the millennium. In other words the entire cluster of fashion brands is seesawing back to the world of denims with focus on denim products filling up the wardrobes. For the jeans industry this can be a robust sales driver to combat stretchy pants that have caught the imagination of the youth. The statistics were made available by the US census bureau.

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The story till now has been a bleak time for shoppers largely because of stagnancy of blue jean styles in the past decade and odd. For example, Levi Strauss & Co. had a marathon battle with stretchy pants to capture the market. The good news for the jeans industry has finally made it to the tables. Healthy signs of a rebounding to the jeans genre of garments with a whopping 8 percent rise in sales, largely boosted by women end users have heralded the glad tidings. The women’s wear segment of the denim brand has ensured that the revival is the strongest since 2011.

The distaff side apart, luxury brands too are playing their part in helping the denims out of the woods in the fashion industry. For example, from the stable of White’s washed jeans, the downtown streetwater brand has evoked a lot of enthusiasm for the reworked denims. To cite another instance, Vetenment’s patchwork jeans too are creating ripples with their trendy label tying up with Levis for a fresh lease of life. To woo the shoppers, jeans manufacturers, world over decided to come up with increasingly technical denims. This has the effect of affording end users increasing stretch and moisture wicking paving way for the integration of fibers such as elastane and lycocell.

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The owners of Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, namely PVH Corp has witnessed a phenomenal rise in sales in its worldwide jeans business. This great revival  has been attributed to the company spending on marketing of the denim product. 

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