DRI-CAVE™ Technology Offers Better Thermal Efficiency In Apparel, Footwear


HEAT-MX WORLDWIDE announced DRI-CAVE™ technology for various applications such as footwear, gloves, garments, lunch bags, etc. The technology is incorporated into the manufacturing of the COMPACT MX category of products in HEAT-MX™ and can be used as a part of thermal insulation material for the various applications. The DRI-CAVE™ technology provides an innovative nonwoven fabric structure which helps remove odour causing sweat and moisture through its thermal insulation material with its performance features using natural wicking and adsorption phenomena.

“Importance of moisture / sweat removal is often overlooked in the performance of thermal insulation material. When we consider that our body perspires continuously in order to regulate the body functionalities, it is critical for us to remove the moisture and sweat efficiently for the comfort of our body. This DRI-CAVE™ technology as the Disruptive Technology Series – 3 of the HEAT-MX™, provides exceptional level of ability to help effectively remove sweat and moisture from our body by the innovative incorporation of natural phenomena, called adsorption, without any chemical treatment. Some specific products to which this technology can be applied include running shoes, winter boots, work boots, etc., in footwear applications, ski gloves, fashion gloves, work gloves, etc., in glove applications, garments applications where sweat removal for quick drying is important, lunch bags where moisture condensation can create issues”, said Sae Chang, President of HEAT-MX WORLDWIDE and inventor of the technology.

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Sae went on to say, “One of the most important factors we at HEAT-MX WORLDWIDE incorporate from the beginning stage of all our technology development efforts is the cost effectiveness of our products so that everyone in the value chain, e.g., consumers, brands and manufacturers, can easily adopt our technologies with reasonable cost bases. We are proud to have achieved the great performance features of the DRI-CAVE™ Technology offering highly competitive cost bases to our customers”.

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