Monforts Brings Host Of Innovations Under ‘Thinking Ahead – For Sustainable Solutions’ To ITM’16

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Leading processing machinery supplier Monforts will present its latest innovations under the theme 'Thinking ahead – for sustainable solutions' at ITM 2016 in Hall 12, Stand 1207D, ensuring more productivity, economy and ecology in textile finishing.

Special highlights will be the new visualisation system for stenters, new exhaust air cleaning modules integrated into the machines and advanced energy saving denim finishing concepts with twin shrinks compressive shrinking ranges, Eco Applicator and Eco Denim stretching field. The new segment of coating machines will also be presented allowing the company to serve the market from a single source with Monforts-made, high class and most versatile coating ranges.

Increased energy savings with retrofitted Eco Booster

The Monforts Eco Booster HRC, designed to minimise energy costs during drying and heat setting processes on stenters will be available for the first time as retrofit to existing Montex installations. The Eco Booster permits a computer-controlled adaptation of the heat exchanger performance to the prevailing waste air stream. This optimised efficiency further reduces the process costs. Eco Booster runs automatically and machine operator has no additional workload. Its automatic cleaning feature also ensures uninterrupted production runs.

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New Eco-Applicator version for knitted fabrics

The Eco-Applicator liquor application process offers significant energy savings with reduced drying capacity required for a wide range of applications such as felt finishes, coated materials and medical textiles.

A new version for knitted fabrics will be presented at ITM as well. This new version has been designed to apply liquor to one side of the fabric or to apply liquor to both sides of the fabric or to apply different liquors to either side of the fabric or to apply two different liquors consecutively to a single side of the fabric.

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New Stentering Chain

A completely maintenance free Montex horizontal stentering chain will be introduced. This new chain type complements the well proven Montex chain systems for horizontal chain return. The new Montex Hybrid Chain will be also available for retrofit to existing Montex stenters.

New 'smartphone' features for Montex 8500

New and further enhanced visualisation software with 'Finger Tip' control features offering smart phone-type techniques for Monforts machine operators and ensuring smarter operating procedures. Available for Montex 8500 stenters, the new model also features a redesigned operator's platform with ergonomic advantages during finishing and coating processes.

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High Performance Denim Ranges

A new denim stretching unit will also be presented for achieving smooth stretching with highest processing speeds during denim shrinking and finishing being incorporated into well proven twin shrinking units with twin felt calendar.


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