CAI Urges Government To End Transporters’ Strike

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The nationwide indefinite strike of transporters, which has been started by All India Motor Transport Congress on 20th July 2018, has virtually halted the entire cotton trade across the country and led to the disruption in the movement of cotton. 

It has affected adversely the arrival of kapas.  Ginning factories are on the verse of closing down because of the lack of raw material.  The traders are not able to move the cotton sold and in turn all payments are stuck up due to non-movement of yarn. 

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The shipment of cotton has stopped leading to non-fulfillment of obligations by the exporters resulting in the problems of cancellation/invoice back/delayed shipment with penalty, etc., entailing huge losses.  The textile industry is also not getting the required raw material as the supply has been impacted adversely.  The entire cotton trade is reeling and all stakeholders are suffering badly.

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CAI has urged the Government to find an amicable solution to this vexatious problem, which, if not resolved immediately, will compound the adversity and the losses to the entire cotton sector.

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