India May Try To Replace US Exports To China

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India has drawn a list of goods it can export to China, replacing US exports that have become costlier in light of the trade spat between the world's two biggest economies, according to a news report.

India has identified more than 40 products, including fresh grapes, cotton linters, flue-cured tobacco and alloy steel seamless boiler, where it's in a position of advantage to replace or capture US trade market share with China. Boosting exports will help India reduce a US$ 63 billion trade deficit it runs with China, which is also New Delhi's largest commercial partner. A study found that India is strong in its capability to export, but it faces market-access issues in China. China recently started purchasing soybean from Brazil after slapping a 25% tariff on the oilseed's shipments from the US as the trade tensions between the two nations intensified.

The Indian study shows at least 80 more items have potential for exports to China. The government has instructed its departments and industry bodies to work out strategies to ramp up production in sectors where India has a clear advantage. The commerce ministry has asked the embassy in China to be an enabler, while offering business-to-business meetings for Indian exporters interested in that market.  


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