Tripura Govt. Aids TN Textile Mills Combat Labour Shortage

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Tamil Nadu state’s Southern India Mills Association (SIMA) made sterling efforts to recruit labourers from Tripura for working in textile mills. Nearly 1650 workers were recruited for jobs in Tamil Nadu’s textile mills from a job fair held in Tripura recently. This will help Tamil Nadu overcome the dual problems of labour shortage and high attrition.

SIMA, in response to the Tripura state government’s initiative, has dispatched a press release appreciating the efforts taken by Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb for his involvement in the employment fair and recruitment process.

According to SIMA Chairman P Nataraj, “The job fair was conducted by the Tripura government in Agartala from April 25-26 in response to the association's recent communication to the labour departments of various states, including those in the North-East.”

The SIMA release mentioned that the organization had petitioned states for help in direct recruitment of workers as there was shortage of workers and high job attrition rate at a time when the textile industry was witnessing exponential growth.

Around 4,000 unemployed youths from Tripura attended the fair and eight mills from Tamil Nadu recruited 1,635 candidates, including 264 women, it added.

The association would soon come out with guidelines for the migrant workers in order to help them meet all the legal and social requirements in Tamil Nadu, the release added.

The state directly employs over 60 lakh people and depends on migrant workers working in major clusters like Coimbatore, Tirupur, Dindigul, which account for 30-90 per cent of the workforce, the release concluded.


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