Epic Group Enters Into Strategic Partnership With Arvind Envisol


The partnership will aim at implementing ZDHC progressive norms for effluent treatment.

Hong Kong based Epic Group, a leading garment manufacturer for global brands announced its strategic partnership with Arvind Envisol, water treatment business of Arvind Limited. This partnership aims at integrating best practices of water and waste water treatment and use, and thereby reducing the environmental footprint across manufacturing units of Epic Group in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Jordan and future projects in India.

Environmental sustainability is at the centre of this partnership as goals of both companies are well aligned to reduce and reuse water. For Arvind Envisol, this partnership signifies their expansion into Bangladesh for the water treatment solutions.

Through this partnership Arvind Envisol will provide its expertise in water treatment to three plants of Epic in the first phase. It will be later extended to other plants of the group. Arvind Envisol will provide technological solutions to achieve ZDHC progressive discharge standards using technologies such as Membrane Bio Reactors (MBR), Ultra-filtration (UF).

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Speaking on the partnership, Punit Lalbhai, Chairman, Arvind Envisol emphasized that, “We are passionate about this partnership with Epic Group, known for its leadership in sustainability. This partnership will help boost sustainable water treatment solutions, without hampering productivity. Our capabilities in areas like water treatment, industrial effluent treatment across sectors and sewage treatment ensure that we contribute towards water conservation and reducing water pollution and wastage to a great extent. We are happy to enter into a new geography for our business with a partner such as Epic.”

In the second phase of the partnership, the parties will work together to develop and implement technology solutions to reuse treated wastewater in processes to significantly reduce the use of groundwater. Arvind Envisol will help with expertise based on regular audits and observations.

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Ranjan Mahtani, Chairman, Epic Group said, “We are happy to partner with a globally credible name in water treatment business – Arvind Envisol. Sustainability is part of our culture driven by advanced technology, innovation and continuous improvement. This partnership will help both companies meet their ambitious sustainability aims and implement best in class wastewater treatment. The common endeavour is always to exceed industry expectations”.

Arvind Envisol, a subsidiary of Arvind Limited, is a world-class water management company providing end-to-end solutions for water treatment, industrial waste water treatment, sewage treatment and zero liquid discharge solutions. Epic Group is a global apparel manufacturer with a global footprint focusing on innovation, design and sustainability.

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Recently, Arvind Limited and Gap Inc. partnered for ‘Sewage Reuse Program – 8 MLD’. Both companies aim to eliminate their freshwater usage in manufacturing processes. Arvind Envisol made it possible through the use of innovative technology which helped reduce the overall footprint of the plant.


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