FFBS, Germany To Promote Sustainable, Organic Cotton Cultivation In North India


Fashion For Biodiversity Solutions GmbH (FFBS), Germany has entered into an agreement with North India’s cotton farmers for promoting regenerative and organic cotton cultivation. FFBS will help the farmers to adopt their technology, which aims at removing toxic chemicals and pesticides from agricultural practices. FFBS will also help farmers to monitor and heal lost biodiversity in the region. According to FFBS, “Agriculture is the Level 0 of the fashion supply chain and mostly ignored. With our smart and transparent solution, we aim at  transforming agriculture into smart agriculture. The advanced blockchain technology makes sure the trust, transparency and security of value recorded at every step of the production value chain.”

FFBS uses multiple sensors within the IoT environment, several wireless technologies such as geographical information system and remote sensing, to collect, measure, assess soil parameters, and increase agricultural production in a sustainable, transparent manner.


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