Fong’s Technologies Make Textile Processing Greener

Walter Leung, Director, Sales & Marketing (Overseas), Fong's

What new did Fong’s showcase at ITMA 2019?
Quite a number of products were on display. Fong’s showcased its latest hydraulic TECWIN High Temperature Dyeing Machine. The product is designed to satisfy the ever-changing market demands and focuses on lower cost, higher quality and more on being eco-friendly. From THEN we displayed the THEN Smartflow hydraulic high temperature piece dyeing machine which is designed to achieve the lowest possible energy and water consumption rates available in the market for jet dyeing.

The other product on display were Fong’s ALC automatic liquid chemical weighting and dispensing system, GOLLER KNIT MERC mercerizing compartment, MONFORTS FONG’S MATEX ECO APPLICATOR, MONFORTS Montex Stenter and TexCoat.

Did you launch the FONG’S TECWIN hydraulic at ITMA?
No. We launched our hydraulics machines in the last edition of ITMA Asia held in Shanghai. We received good response for the hydraulics at ITMA Barcelona, as well at ITMA Asia Shanghai. Customers always want to see new innovations with advancements in the products. And since the launch of the hydraulics we have sold around 100 machines till now.

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What improvements have been made in the hydraulic machine from last time?
This new hydraulic machine is a hybrid concept of aerodynamics of THEN’s and hydraulic of Fong’s technology. So this is a hybrid system from two different technologies.

What are the technology innovation trends in textile processing?
In the dyeing sector, the innovations are focussed on utility conservation. I think this is still the main trend, so it means how to consume less water, to recycle some part of the water. But I really don’t know whether any major technology leaps have happened in the last four years in this area.

From Fong’s what we promoted at ITMA 2019 was automation of the dyeing house. This is another major innovation from our side. This time we saw a lot of robotics as everyone is looking for automation and we are also aiming for the same.

Where are the main markets for Fong’s?
I believe the market is not that good for all because of the ongoing trade tension between China and US and the election which just concluded in India. Especially for India, this year is a bit slow as the liquidity from the banks for textile industry has gone down. China market too is slow, which is a result of trade war with US.

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Vietnam is a good market as they are benefitting from the trade dispute between the big brothers (China-US). Luckily Bangladesh has not been affected by the trade war, it has remained stable. Taking benefit of the China-US trade war, we see many small markets growing. Orders too have been shifted to small countries like Malaysia and Pakistan.

We expect some new processing capacities to come up in India in the next 2-3 years. Do you see that happening in terms of orders?
For India they have to have new project flowing in soon, because the yarn production in India is already too much and if they don’t do the conversion there might be immense issues in the industry. Also China is buying less of yarn from India due to the trade tensions. Business wise India must do the conversion, but unfortunately the liquidity in India is very less at the moment. Let me put it this way, for the long term, India is an optimistic market for me, but in the short term the market is on a standstill. The first six months of 2019 have been quite slow for India, probably due to ITMA exhibition and recently concluded elections in India.

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