GOTS Appoints Sumit Gupta As Head Of Quality Assurance & Implementation

Sumit Gupta, Deputy Director Standards Development & Quality Assurance, GOTS

Ganesh Kasekar will take over from Sumit Gupta as new regional representative in South Asia.

Ganesh Kasekar has been appointed as the new GOTS Representative in South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka). Ganesh, based in Mumbai, takes over the role of Sumit Gupta, the previous GOTS Regional Representative in India and Bangladesh with the additional countries Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Sumit will from now on serve as Head of Quality Assurance and Implementation.

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Ganesh is a textile chemistry alumni of the prestigious institute VJTI in Mumbai and he holds over 17 years of experience in the textile industry with a special background in inspection and certification in supply chains. In his former position as Business Development Manager, he has already been involved with supply chain stakeholders internationally, contributing to quality assurance requirements in the textile and leather goods industry.

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“GOTS has created the position of Head of Quality Assurance and Implementation due to the increasing workload GOTS is facing because of fast growing numbers of certified operations. Given Sumit´s substantial long experience within representing GOTS as well as contributing substantially to GOTS Quality Assurance and Implementation, we are happy that he is taking this next step with us,” said GOTS.

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