Guidelines For Non-Flushable Wipes Set In Motion


In a recent meet over industry guidelines about non-flushable it has become mandatory for non-flushable wipes to display “Do Not Flush” symbol on their packaging. The display should be viewable both on the shelf and at the point of purchase. It also wants the symbol to be visible each time a wipe is removed from its dispenser package.

The decision was endorsed by both the leading trade associations, namely INDA and EDANA. They represent wipes manufacturers and both of them decided to augur support for this move from more countries in the European Union.  The announcement wants to set an industry standard for assessing the flushability of wet wipes.

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The Belgians and Spanish both have adopted these provisions from GD4 that came out as the fourth edition of the guidelines meeting. It deals with the flushability of disposable nonwoven products. The guidelines contain test methods and stringent pass criteria to declare a wipe as flushable.

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GD4 has proved to be effective. GD4 has become noteworthy as it is now fast turning into an internationally accepted guideline. This involves the approval of waste water in each country and bringing about public awareness and support for proper disposal of various types of wet wipes in the market.

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