HEAT-MX WORLDWIDE Products Now Comply With Clean Recycling Initiative


HEAT-MX WORLDWIDE has announced that the entire product offering of the company is now in compliance with the Clean Recycling Initiative™ as a result of the successful completion of the upgrade projects of its three product categories, namely COMPACT MX, nDown™ and iDown™.

“Our HEAT-MX™ organisation has always been striving for environmental contributions while bringing in the breakthrough innovations in thermal insulation material industry. We are proud of the fact that the prestigious ISPO TOP OF INNOVATION AWARDS had recognised all six product categories of HEAT-MX™ because of a wide range of important innovations in breakthrough performance features as well as significant environmental contributions even before we decided to embark on the major upgrade project”, said Sae Chang, CEO of HEAT-MX WORLDWIDE.

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Sae went on to say, “Although the business environment is more difficult than ever due to the pandemic, we decided to continue on our journey with the committed efforts for the environment. We could not be more proud and happier to be able to complete this major upgrade project with an unprecedented level of success”.

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In time for this announcement, the company has also launched its UN-TACT marketing programme for the 21/22 Fall/Winter development season with its revamped website as well as a wide range of new marketing assets. In particular, the company’s new website is built with a variety of contents based on 3D technology models to explain the company’s cutting-edge technologies most effectively. Sae further stated, “With the improved delivery of the information through our new UN-TACT marketing tools, we hope that our customers can understand the significant benefits of our technologies easier even without facing our sales representatives in person in this pandemic”.

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