Welspun Installs Wel-Trak System To Trace Cotton From Source To Point Of Sale

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Welspun India Ltd has installed a system called ‘Wel-Track’ which traces cotton from the source to the point of sale, it has been announced. While the system tracks physical verification on the floor, the radio-frequency identification device (RFID) based technology allows tracing of cotton from farms to the gin, to the spinning and to the weaving stage as well as the point of sale.

Incidentally, QR codes enable the company to trace the cotton back to its source. Welspun has also entered into a five-year agreement with the Cotton Egypt Association (CEA) for related products as well as the use of the logo of Egyptian Cotton on such products. The company has also tied up with one of the biggest cotton farmers in the United States of America to source Supima cotton.

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Welspun plans to target the hospitality sector since three times growth is expected by the company in three years. Other sectors being targeted are health and wellness, e-commerce. The company has also claimed that its retailers have appreciated its the newly-implemented traceability system.

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Last year, USA-based retailer Target had severed business ties with Welspun, which is India’s largest home textiles exporter after the company said it discovered that sheets and pillows labelled as premium Egyptian cotton were actually made with another type of cotton. The retailer had pulled Welspun manufactured items from its stores and offered customers refunds.

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