Hongyuan To Showcase Latest Texturing Technologies


HY-9 Auto Doffing High Speed Draw Texturing Machine
This machine has the characteristics of high level of automation level, energy saving, high speed and efficiency, easy operation, etc.

High Automation Level

  • Creatively developed bobbin auto-change and auto threading system, it can change bobbin automatically when yarn reach the setting length, also can thread the yarn automatically.
  • Hongyuan Advanced Take-up System realises the individual motor driven precision take-up system with high flexibility, high automation and high cost performance.

Energy Saving
The heater adopts fully-enclosed thermal insulation technology, new nanometer multi-layer thermal insulation material, perfect energy saving effect.

High speed high efficiency

  • Total 384 spindles per machine
  • Multi spindles, large production output capacity
  • Hongyuan Advanced Take-up System, high take-up speed and lower noise
  • Motorizing friction unit, high texturing speed and lower noise.

Easy Operation

  • Take-up device lies both side of the machine, easy for operation and maintenance
  • Pneumatic yarn threading device can make sure the yarn threading performance accurately and labour saving as well
  • Motorizing friction unit, bobbin auto-doffing device, Hongyuan advanced take-up device.

HY-10 Multi Spindles Draw Texturing Machine
Developed with multi-function, energy savings, easy operation and high efficiency, with independent intellectual property rights, HY-10 can meet the current fierce market competition, and lead the fancy yarn making market. Adopting double take-up new structure, the company achieves the proprietary multi-spindles new technology, which has doubled machine capacity and efficiency.

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High Efficiency

  • Under same spindles, this machine area can shorten half of the space, reduce the investment
  • Machine spindles have high degree of concentration, easy for operation management and labour saving.


  • One machine with multi functions
  • Production for multiple varieties of single yarn
  • Suitable for fancy yarn, also for composite spinning of different fibres, as well as for multi-strand yarns.

Energy Saving

  • Multi spindles share one unit, such as 48 positions with one heater, to reach the energy saving effect
  • Adopting single motor-single roller driving, fully-enclosed heat, etc, energy saving design concept, reduce the machine consumption effectively.

Easy Operation and Maintenance
The operator can doff the bobbins of both sides at one operation channel, no need for other auxiliary trolleys, easy for operation, occupying less space.

HY-Auto498 Auto Doffing Roving Frame
To achieve high efficiency and  energy saving, high automation, reduce labour employment and labour intensity, and satisfy the requirement of high  level customer, Hongyuan company developed a new model roving frame with auto doffing – HY-Auto498. The drafting and main drive system maintain stability and reliability of the mature machine of Hongyuan company. With external auto-doffing structure, automatically fulfill bobbin doffing, bobbin exchange, yarn threading, run the machine. For the whole process, it needs around two minutes.

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Characteristics of HY-Auto 498 Auto Doffing Roving Frame:

  • With reasonable machine layout, reliable headstock driving, easy operation, suitable for high speed
  • Adopt mature control system and driving mode for 4 main drive and drafting system
  • Auto-doffing structure adopts external whole doffing design combined with double direction-freedom bobbin rail
  • Auto-doffing time is not limited by the spindle number, around 2 minutes with high efficiency
  • With multi inverters control synchronously,  the auto doffing rate, empty bobbin exchange rate and auto yarn threading rate can reach nearly 100%, can reduce at least half of the labour force
  • With touch screen as HMI, easily for input technical parameters and yarn tension control and adjust, doffing parameters can adjust flexibly according to user’s requirement
  • Connecting seamlessly with auto bobbin transportation system, through suspension conveying track, full bobbins and empty bobbins can exchange freely between roving frame and ring frame
  • It can save the workshop space, and improve the yarn quality.
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Automatic Bobbin Doffing And Transport System
Automatic bobbin doffing and transport system is a special automatic bobbin-handling system for chemical filament yarn production line. This system can realise the functions of bobbin auto-doffing and transportation. It can also improve the automation level of subsequent process of chemical filament yarn production, improve product quality and reduce labour cost. To personalise auxiliary filament yarn product automation system, the module can combine freely according to the different requirement. This system has the characteristics of high quality, high efficiency and lower cost and matches advanced technological levels set by other international players.


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