Huntsman To Display High IQ Intelligent Effects at New York’s Functional Fabric Fair


Huntsman Textile Effects will be highlighting its extensive range of HIGH IQ intelligent effects at the Functional Fabric Fair power by Performance Days in New York this July 22 and 23. Huntsman’s comprehensive range of non-fluorinated Durable Water Repellent technology will also be presented at the upcoming show.

Through Huntsman’s cutting-edge technology and expert technical knowledge, High IQ delivers the industry’s leading range of innovative, eco-friendly intelligent textile effects. Fabrics treated with Huntsman’s intelligent effects are sustainable textile products that deliver the performance and benefits consumers expect of high-quality brands.

Sustainable durable water repellent
Huntsman will showcase an extended range of technology offerings, including sustainable, high performance and non-fluorinated durable water repellent finishes, including ZELAN.

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HIGH IQ intelligent effects
HIGH IQ Repel performance assurance program is designed to help mills, brands and retailers meet global demand for eco-friendly apparel with rain and stain protection. Combining innovative durable water repellent finishes with unparalleled technical expertise, the HIGH IQ Repel program provides durable eco-friendly and sustainable protection for every performance need: everyday, outdoor and extreme adventures.

HIGH IQ Lasting White performance assurance program delivers very high and brilliant whites on cellulosic fibres, combining Huntsman’s latest generation of well-known UVITEX Fluorescent Whitening Agents. With environment-friendly fluorinated (C6) or non-fluorinated stain repel and release technologies, the fluorescent whitening agents used under the HIGH IQ Lasting White program ensure garments keep looking new for longer.

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HIGH IQ Lasting Colour performance assurance program is powered by specially selected NOVACRON dyes. Fabrics made using the HIGH IQ Lasting Colour program will not fade, and there is little risk of colour staining on other garments during washing.

HIGH IQ Lasting Colour Eco performance assurance program relies on Huntsman’s award-winning AVITERA SE reactive dyes to reduce water and energy consumption by up to 50% compared to best-available technologies. Excellent washing-off performance shortens processing time and increases productivity.

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HIGH IQ Cool Comfort moisture management program allows garments to breathe while transporting moisture away from the body through its quick-dry properties. The unique technology reduces post-exercise chill, making the effects highly suitable for sports and active wear.


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