iCAMS – Automatic Stock Solution Maker


Textile industry is slowly evolving towards more and more automation products with minimum human intervention and with increase in throughput of lab and without compromising on accuracy, precision, repeatability and reliability of lab dyeing.

Accurate and precise Stock Solution preparation in laboratory is the most difficult task. The shade matching and recipe development in laboratory is totally dependent on the prepared stock solution.

iCAMS is the latest development from Copower Technology Co., Ltd of Taiwan in automatic stock solution preparation. With continuous in house Research & Development and understanding the requirements from the industry, iCAMS is developed keeping in mind the speed, accuracy and repeatability of stock solution preparation with minimum manual errors. iCAMS Automatic Stock Solution Maker comes optionally bundled with dyestuff bottle storage rack for easy selection and rapid dilution device. The dyetsuff selection for weighing is doubly protected from wrong selection with LED glow lamp against the dyestuff bottle on the rack as well as electronic chip in the bottle which enables it to allow weighing the right dyestuff without any mistake of selecting wrong dyestuff for preparation of stock solution. The dyestuffs rack is fitted with 96 or 128 bottles of 175cc or 450cc capacity for easy working.

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Preparation of dilute stock solution has now become very fast, easy and accurate with iCAMS. Magnetic Stirrer device with six position ensures even and rapid dissoving of dyestuff powder. iCAMS is operation friendly, increasing the stock solution preparation throughput. It is the ideal technology for textile / dyestuffs Industry where many stock solutions are required to be prepared for lab shade matching.

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