Ideal Launches Millennium Series Premium Bobbin Holders

The premium bobbin holders launched by Ideal Group in 2020

Ideal Group is among the most successful manufacturers of premium spare parts for the textile industry. Its spinning tubes and roving bobbins are approved by most of the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and are exported worldwide.

As a part of continuous innovation, Ideal has launched two new products in 2020 – the premium bobbin holders and ultra-tech lappet hooks for spinning machines.

Our in-house R&D team and DSIR-Govt. of India approved R&D centre help us to continuously upgrade our existing products and develop new ones. The latest spinning tubes like HCC (Energy Saving) and HIG (High Impact, more Gliding with Long bush) have received tremendous acceptance on today’s high speed machines. These products are being used for new projects as well as for replacement.

“We pursue on-going intensive communication with our clients with an aim to create a comprehensive learning process for the constant development of ideas. This helps us to align our company’s goals with the needs and expectations of the global textile industry. As a part of continuous innovation, in 2020, Ideal has launched two new products– the premium bobbin holders and ultra-tech lappet hooks for spinning machines.” said Khushi Palkhiwala, Chairman & MD, Ideal Group.

(L-R) Laxmikant Rathi, President and Khushi Palkhiwala, Chairman & MD of Ideal Group

“The company continues to move forward for achieving excellence in each product and service. Having realised the challenges being faced on the roving bobbin transport system (RBTS), Ideal started investing in development of state-of-art bobbin holders. Our design and technology team studied the new generation RBTS and other automation in spinning industry. The critical inputs were also taken from end-users. We are excited to rollover our new Millennium series bobbin holders in the market which provides the perfect solution. The new design and material gives us a technological edge over our competitors. We also aim to minimise the chances of bobbin falling from bobbin rail and avoid accidents,” said Laxmikant Rathi, President at Ideal Group. “The ultra-tech lappet hooks are also rolled over in the market with an aim to avoid frequent changes and damages to expensive yarn. The ultra smooth polish and high hardness provides excellent balance of precision and perfection,” continued Rathi.

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Millennium series Bobbin Holders
The new Millennium series bobbin holders continues the legacy of its dust-free and most reliable bearing with following distinct features:

  • Improved ratchet type opening and closing mechanism for higher reliability and smoother operation
  • Polycarbonate body for highest strength
  • Rigid legs with profile matching that of bobbins to give perfect resting position to simplex bobbin
  • Optimised oscillation for rotating and non-rotating bobbin holders
  • Pre-adjusted break force to suit your roving and avoid unnecessary stretch.
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This M2 series bobbin holders are available in rotating and non-rotating versions and take care of major applications of spinning mills.

The premium bobbin holders for RBTS has following features to take care of the RBTS challenges:

  • The double suspension mechanism withstands the unbalanced upward forces while inserting the bobbin in bobbin holder
  • The four legs and stability spring provides stable holding during the movement
  • The bobbin holder controls the oscillation and avoids collision of bobbin during movement
  • Stronger body of bobbin holders can absorb the push pull and push forces. Effective opening and closing of bobbin holder legs to avoid bobbin falling and hence the accidents.

Ultra-tech lappet hook
The lappet hook is probably the smallest part on a ring spinning machine. The fibres touching  the lappet hooks are completely in open condition without any twist to support. Therefore, any problem with the surface of the lappet hook can increase the yarn breakage and yarn hairiness. Hence, the lappet hooks are probably the most critical part on the machine and directly affects the yarn quality and productivity. The new generation high speed spinning machine requires   lappet hooks that can provide extremely smooth surface over a longer period of time.

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Ideal Group’s newly launched Ultra-tech Lappet Hooks for Spinning Machines

Ideal introduced ultra-smooth finish lappet hooks. The hooks are made of cold drawn stainless steel, twisted on automatic machine for controlled stretch. The hooks are TUFTRIDED in completely automated process and then polished with state-of-the-art, tltra-tech polishing machines. This technology gives the hooks uniform hardness of over 1000Va and surface smoothness at the eye of (R1.5) 1µm Rz. The lappet hooks offer long working life and lowest end breakages due to this special finish. Each lot is checked for hardness and surface finish on high end hardness tester and microscope to ensure the quality and uniformity across all the lots. Benefits are distinctly visible while spinning abrasive fibres like synthetics and combed cotton.


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