Indonesia’s DAP To Launch Bedding With Biocrystal(R) Stress-Relief Technology


A pioneering leader in mattress manufacturing in Southeast Asia, DAP, has collaborated with BC Tech, the developer and provider of highly effective stress-relief technology Biocrystal(R), to build premium bedding products that meet the demand of high-quality sleep.

An Indonesian company, PT Duta Abadi Primantara that holds licenses for some of the best leading mattress brands in the world – Serta(R), King Koil(R), Tempur(R), Aireloom(R) – teamed up with BC Tech to develop products that go beyond top-quality comfort.

With premium materials for premium products as a top priority, DAP is developing soon-to-be-launched bedding products with Biocrystal(R) powder implemented inside. DAP’s bedding products are being released within the brand name Serta for the Indonesian market and will provide much-needed stress relief experience to their customers, along with perfect comfort. The new line of pillows and toppers with foam infused with Biocrystal(R) are entering the market by the name “Life balance” and promise to decrease the stress level to customers while delivering comfort and spine support, also described as “your new best friend for complete relaxation”.

The anti-stress efficacy of the “Life balance” line comes from Biocrystal(R) powder infused into foam, the scientifically validated component that is measured to provide stress-relief experience when implemented into bedding foam, mattresses, and furniture. As a perfect combination of natural crystals – Biocrystal(R) is diligently chosen, ground, and mixed in a form of a powder and measured to provide a strong stress-relief effect when implemented into end-products.

Both DAP’s and BC Tech’s company management agree on the importance of these high-efficiency products on the market, as a much-needed solution for the stressful times being witnessed due to the pandemic.


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