Apparel Impact Institute All Set To Transform Mill Operations To Eco-Friendly Mode

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Several big players in the apparel world have come together to form the Apparel Impact Institute which aims at reduction of the environmental impact of the projects undertaken by the apparel industry globally.

The players include big corporate bodies like Gap Inc and Target besides organizations like Sustainable Trade Initiative and Sustainable Apparel Coalition.

AII has been set up with the purpose of focusing on problems in the apparel industry that have the potential of impacting the environment widely. For execution of this, AII plans to identify projects that have a restricted scope and pose problems of a narrow bandwidth as a first step. Subsequently, the action will be directed at solving the problem at a broader level.

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The AII will be opening its account with the first project that will centre on mill improvement. The project will focus on the Clean By Design program, which is the brainchild of the Natural Resource Defense Council. The aim of this project is to reduce usage of water, chemicals and energy.

AII is expected to build on this experience and use it to work for the improvement of mills globally. The process of acceleration is expected to take place once the first project is completed to satisfaction. It will be particularly useful for third-world countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam to name a  few where there is a constant struggle between compromise on cost and being eco-friendly in operations. 

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