Brandix Sets Up Training Centre At Colombo

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An acute shortage of skilled workers has coerced Brandix, a big player among Sri Lanka’s apparel exporters to set up a training facility with the Colombo International Nautical and Engineering College (CINEC). Brandix happens to be the biggest employer in the Sri Lankan textile industry.  

A media release stated that the Brandix – CINEC Centre of Excellence (BCCE), will be instrumental in conducting joint training programmes and research for the apparel sector. Currently the Brandix Group employs 60,000 people globally. The corporate has signed agreements with Vocational Technical Authority of Sri Lanka (VTA). This is intended to facilitate qualifications for garment technicians and recruit schools leavers. It will train them as industrial Sewing machine operators.

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According to Chief People Officer of the Brandix Group, Ishan Dantanarayana, the initiative will focus on shaping well-rounded individuals. This will help the Group to follow through on its commitment to create and foster inspired people.

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“This will facilitate developing the technical and leadership potential of the Sri Lankan people. It will provide a comprehensive learning and development process,” he opined. “Our collaboration with CINEC will go a long way in nurturing a future generation of talent that can take the industry through an inspired journey, he added.

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