BTRA Launches Eco-Awareness Drive For Textiles

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BTRA is organizing Awareness-cum-knowledge sharing session on the topic “Sustainable Eco Management system in the Textile Processing Industry” on 27th April, 2018 at BTRA, Mumbai.

In this conference, the papers for presentation from the Textile Industry experts will be based on recent trends and of immediate importance to the textile processing industries. The conference provides threadbare discussions on best available techniques related to the following aspects and possibility of adopting them in the industry.

  • Zero Liquid Discharge Technology in textile effluent.
  • Chemical Management System (CMS)- A tool for sustainability.
  • Energy conservation and re-engineering in the textile industry.
  • Overall sustainability in textile processing – A case study.
  • Analysis of Eco management in Indian textile processing Industry” :- Theme,  objectives, analysis and the next journey.
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Background of the conference:-

Currently, BTRA is carrying out various studies/surveys under the MOT sponsored project “Analysis of the eco-management in Indian Textile processing industry”

The objectives of the project are (i) To conduct Eco-Audit in different Textile companies to understand current the status of awareness regarding environmental protection in Textile Industries. (ii) To encourage textile mills to adopt an environmental policy, conduct an environment review, carry out an internal audit, set the objectives aimed at the continuous improvement of performance and prepare an environmental statement.

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(iii) Defining problems faced by textile processing industry regarding environment protection and developing recommendations. To represent the findings observed during above studies as well as to further augment the experience and knowledge sharing of best available information from related expertise of the textile industry.

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