Huntsman Wins Patent Infringement Case Against Colva of Zhejiang Longsheng Group

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The Textile Effects division of Huntsman Corporation today announced it has obtained a final judgment from the High People's Court in Shanghai, China, against Shanghai Colva Dyestuff Industry Co., Ltd. (“Colva”) for infringing its Chinese Patent No. ZL00106403.7 by manufacturing and selling Colvazol Super Black LC-G and Colvazol Super Black LC-R. Colva is a manufacturer of textile dyes and intermediates in China and a member of Zhejiang Longsheng Group, which also has majority ownership of the Dystar Group.

In affirming the earlier judgment of the Intermediate People’s Court, the High People's Court ordered Colva to immediately stop manufacturing and selling infringing products and to pay damages to Huntsman. 

Paul Hulme, President of Huntsman Textile Effects said, “We are extremely pleased with the decision of the High People's Court, which again confirms that the Chinese courts are ready, willing and able to protect and uphold valuable intellectual property rights of both domestic and multinational companies. Huntsman is fully committed to protecting and enforcing its intellectual property rights in all countries, and this decision will allow us to continue to pursue those who are making and selling infringing products and to obtain full compensation for our damages.”

Huntsman’s patented technology is a true innovation for producing deep black shades.  It is used in Huntsman’s NOVACRON® Super Black G and NOVACRON® Super Black R.


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