ISCMA Elects New Committee 2018-20

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The Indian Specialty Chemical Manufacturers Association (ISCMA) has elected its new committee, for the year 2018-2020. Vinay D Patil, Director, SA Pharmachem, is the committee president, and Subhash V. Udeshi, Director, Jayant Agro Organics, is the vice-president. The new managing committee of Indian Speciality Chemical Manufacturers Association (ISCMA) for the year 2018-2020:

Vinay D. Patil – President

Dr. Subhash V. Udeshi – Vice President

Gunjan J. Yagnik – 2nd Vice President

Vinit M. Patel – Hon. Treasurer

P.M. Kundalia – Committee Member

Yashwant Jhaveri – Committee Member

Ashok Shreyas Pathare – Committee Member

Anjani Kumar Prasad – Committee Member

Prior to this, Vinay Patil was a 1st vice president in ISCMA and a Managing committee members since 2008. He is a textile technologist graduate from UDCT in 1985. He has 32 years' of work experience in textile, chemical and paper industry.

His key area of work includes marketing, product development as well as innovative solutions for pollution control focusing on the textile industry. His current work interest is promoting recovery and recycling of textile waste water. First vice-president, ISCMA, is Jayant Udeshi, who has  30 years of experience in the castor oil industry. Over these years he has focused on product development and application and process improvements.                       


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