Saurer – Writing an Indian Success Story

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Saurer is investing in a new large factory in Baroda, Gujarat. In November 2014 Saurer bought 85,000 m2 of land and is now in the middle of construction of a new production hub. The project is well on track and we expect to inaugurate the facility in the middle of the year. In the initial stage, the new factory will manufacture the new Zinser models 71 and 72, both for conventional and compact ring spinning. With up to 1,920 spindles, this will be the longest ring spinning frame in the world. The ring frames produced in India are aimed for local as well as the export markets. Saurer Components’ Halol factory will move to the same campus and will produce weighing arms and spindles with a considerably increased capacity.

“The Saurer Group is very proud to contribute to Prime Minister Modi’s Made in India initiative,” said Daniel Lippuner, CEO of Saurer Group.

“The textile industry today is facing numerous challenges; rising salary costs in industrial regions combined with shortage of labour (qualified and unqualified) is putting a lot of pressure on yarn production and is bringing forth increased automation. The availability for cost of energy, raw materials and land combined with the cost of buildings is required for efficiency in all production processes along with the value chain. And last but not the least, the increasing pace of fashion with constant changes in materials and lot sizes with short lead times, demands the highest flexibility in production. Saurer approaches these challenges by creating breakthrough innovations to foster customers’ profitability combined with passion for customers, innovation and quality. Saurer is for instance the only company in the world offering complete automation from roving with transport system to ring and linked winding. The current R&D efforts also concentrate on maximizing the production per m2 of the occupied factory space. And when it comes to examples in flexibility, the Autocoro 8 is leading the way in its segment, allowing production of up to five lots simultaneously. With the E3 label; the triple added value (energy, economics, ergonomics) Saurer is ensuring that all innovations take the essential customer demands into consideration; energy saving, efficient and waste-minimizing production, improved handling and ergonomics on all levels along with optimized material flow,” said Dr. Martin Folini, CEO of Schlafhorst and Zinser, at the 2015 Customer Day roadshow. The roadshow covered eight major textile cities in India – from Chandigarh and Ludhiana in the north; Ahmedabad, Nagpur and Rajkot in the west to Coimbatore, Madurai and Vijayawada in the south. The Group invited the customers to interact on the “New Standards in Staple Fibre Spinning”.

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Nearly 3,000 thousand customers listened to Peter Goelden, product manager for winding, presenting the new Schlafhorst Autoconer 6 for the first time to the worldwide customers. The latest machine boasts of significant improvement in efficiency and energy saving. In addition, Schlafhorst Autocoro 8 and BD 6 rotor spinning machines were also presented along with the Zinser speed frames and the new Zinser ring spinning machine. The enhanced energy savings and increased efficiency on the AC 6 along with the huge advantages of the ACO 8, like the new quick start function, especially in markets where power cuts are more of a rule than an exception, promise immense potential.

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Saurer Components introduced facts on PK SE series which is now available for both hexagonal (PK SEH) and round (PK SE) support rods and the Texparts Zero Underwinding as well as the Texparts Rings for high speed spinning, which are both very popular in the Indian market.

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Said Lippuner, “Although ITMA in Milano will take place later this year, we have so many new innovations as well as exciting news about the development of the Saurer Group in India and we want to share this with our customers. Especially as not everybody may have the opportunity to travel to Milan in November. The Saurer Group has had a very successful 2014 in India and is looking forward to continue on this growth path in 2015,” he said.


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