International Cotton Fair to take place in Uzbekistan in October


The ninth edition of International Uzbek Cotton and Textile Fair is planned on October 16-17, 2013, in Tashkent.

During the Cotton and Textile Fair, participants will have an opportunity to sign contracts for Uzbek cotton, set up long-term cooperation in cotton trading, as well as be familiar with the quality of Uzbek cotton and find out the latest innovations in trade and logistics.

Moreover, during the Cotton Fair “round tables” and bilateral negotiations between Uzbek cotton exporters and consumers will be organized. The guests at the Cotton Fair will have an opportunity to participate in the cotton trading session on Uzbek commodity exchange. 

Within the framework of the fair, it is planned to discuss current problems and prospects of world cotton market development as well as to learn competent views of leading international experts on different topics such as: 

1. World cotton and textile market: demand and supply, prices and factors

2. Current state and prospects of production and marketing of cotton in Uzbekistan

3. New technologies to increase cotton competitiveness

4. World market of cotton textiles: present and future

5. Investment climate and foreign investors in cotton and textile industry of Uzbekistan and more

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