ITAMMA Chalks Out A Web Of Virtual Events

Show must go on, says Chandresh Shah, newly elected President of ITAMMA

Irrespective of the lockdown, ITAMMA has continued its activities by organising about 11 webinars on a host of topics including boosting will power, business response in the present situation, energy conservation, cost-cutting after Covid-19, Lean and Six Sigma, Indonesian market for Indian textile machines and accessories, among others.

These webinars addressed the present uncertain situation in the country and the industry, the opportunities that exist, the tools to achieve growth and sustainability in these difficult times.

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According to ITAMMA President, Chandresh Shah, “ITAMMA believes that Covid-19 is an opportunity for the Indian TEI, and has prepared a roadmap which will provide end-to-end solutions to every category of entrepreneur right from provision of important data to technological and techno- commercial developments. Considering 80% TEI are in the MSME sector, ITAMMA has drawn up technology driven programmes for developing in-house technologies and adaptation of new/latest technologies through JVs/Transfer of Technology. The aim is to strengthen their technological base and adopt a state-of-the-art set-up of their factories in order to deliver quality and competitive products to the Indian and international textile industry.”

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He concluded, “Lastly, I am proud to mention here that India has always proved to be in the front when it calls for low cost innovations, whereby ITAMMA members have developed mask-making and automatic sanitizer disposal machines and disinfection chambers, which were developed during the two months of the lockdown period.”

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