ITEMA To Present Innovative Technology At ITM 2018

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Itema, the world’s largest privately held provider of advanced weaving solutions, including best-in-class weaving machines, spare parts and integrated services, will exhibit at ITM 2018 at the Istanbul TÜYAP Fair Convention and Congress Center on April 14-17. Turkey and the surrounding area represents for Itema one of the most strategically important regions in the world. Present in these markets for more than 30 years, Itema technology is very well represented and loved by Customers as confirmed by the excellent 2017 sales results.

In the largest booth in the weaving hall (Hall 2, Booth 214), Itema will display four weaving machines: one airjet and three rapier looms, including an absolute new launch in the market featuring innovative and breakthrough devices. Furthermore, the Company will highlight benefits and latest developments in its OEM spare parts in a dedicated corner.

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Visitors will also have the chance to learn more about Itema successful case histories through the interviews made with 8 among the top Turkish weaving mills active in multiple fabric segments (Berteks Tekstil, Ipeker Tekstil, Koton Tekstil, Osman Canl? Tekstil, Ozanteks Tekstil, RB Karesi, Sürü Tekstil, Yedeks Tekstil). Weaving machines on display in the Itema booth will no doubt captivate the attention of visitors by weaving the most common fabrics woven in the region.

Taking a detailed look at the Company line-up: R95002 denim Itema chose ITM as the official stage to introduce in the market the second generation of the Company’s denim-dedicated rapier weaving machine, the R95002 denim. The R95002 denim is set to define a new benchmark in denim weaving delivering extraordinary, yet tangible benefits to denim weavers guaranteeing unparalleled cost savings, superior fabric quality and outstanding user-experience.

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Featuring breakthrough devices and enhanced skills, the R95002 denim puts Itema – once again – one step ahead in the field of denim, guaranteeing an unrivalled competitive advantage in the market to denim mills.. The weft insertion system achieves here the highest performance levels in terms of fabric quality and components wear resistance, both key targets when it comes to denim weaving.

The new SK UltraLight Rapiers, specially designed to meet specific indigo fabric needs, feature a revolutionary design which ensure their reduced dimensions and maximum lightness. Streamlined and lightweight, the SK UltraLight rapiers further enhance the Itema Shed Geometry – widely recognized in the industry as the best-in-class -allowing an even smaller shed opening leading to unsurpassed fabric quality.

Redesigned and optimized, the tape-hook system provides the remarkable benefit of significantly extending components’ lifetime. The new Itema tapes developed by Lamiflex, an Itema Group company specializing in composite materials, feature an innovative configuration with a triple layer of carbon fiber leading to maximum reliability and represent the first result of the research and development cooperation between the two companies after the acquisition of Lamiflex by Itema.

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