ITF To Develop Sustainability Blueprint For Textile Units


The Indian Texpreneurs Federation has launched a project called ‘India for Sure’ to develop a sustainability blueprint for textile units in Tamil Nadu.

According to a press release from the association, the blueprint would highlight the sustainability target areas, showcase the achievements of its members in these areas and their strengths. On Friday, the association launched a data collection drive on the sustainability efforts of its members.

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In a month, the federation will come out with the blueprint. Brands in the global market were focusing on sustainability. Certifications were more for products now. Certifications for processes were just emerging. There would be individual success stories on sustainable efforts. “We want to brand Tamil Nadu textile industries as sustainable manufacturers,” said Prabhu Dhamodharan, Convenor of the federation.

Bangladesh had marketed its sustainability efforts in a big way for the last three years. But, the manufacturers had gone in for mainly green buildings. The textile and clothing manufacturers in Tamil Nadu had invested a lot in wind and solar energy, waste water processing, etc. These need to be showcased, he said. “This is the right time as brands are speaking about change in product portfolios.”

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