ITM 2021 Expected To Reactivate Textile Sector


The ITM 2021 exhibition, which is postponed to 22-26 June 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, is expected to revive the Turkish and the global textile industry, in the post-pandemic period.

The ITM exhibition, which was planned to be held between 2-6 June this year, was postponed to 22-26 June 2021 due to the troublesome coronavirus pandemic. Participating companies in countries that had to interrupt their production, especially Italy, France, Spain, Germany and China, which were most affected by the virus, welcomed the postponement of the ITM exhibition. The countries, which initially believed that normalcy would come about only after an effective drug treatment or vaccine was discovered, have started normalization process by increasing protective measures and protocols. With the result that factories have begun operations, and production and orders are gaining momentum.

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Turkish textile industry displayed its strength
Turkey, which was not as much affected by the pandemic as other countries, was able to continue with its textile production, when factories in other countries were locked down. “We believe that Turkey is the correct address for exhibitions to be held in the post-pandemic period,” ITM organisers believe.

While the world struggled with shortage of masks and protective clothing, Turkey, with its strong infrastructure and sizeable capacities in textiles, apparel, nonwovens, has supplied PPE kits to the world on one hand, while being able to meet its own needs, without depending on imports.

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In the last few months, Turkey has proved that it is one of the largest producers and raw material suppliers to Europe and to the world. The major brands and companies in Europe and the United States have shifted their orders from China to Turkey. Turkey, which will accelerate technological investments due to the increase in production, will continue to lead the world textile industry.

ITM 2021 will be the meeting point of textile technology leaders
ITM 2021 Exhibition, which will be held from 22-26 June next year, will coincide with the period when the global economy will resuscitate, thus increasing the interest of the companies in the exhibition. Thus, thousands of international exhibitors will choose the ITM 2021 to highlight their latest innovations.

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This synergy in the Turkish textile industry will have a positive impact on ITM 2021 Exhibition, where textile technology suppliers will meet textile investors from all over the world.


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