Jaipur Rugs To Create 5,000 Jobs In 2 Years


Jaipur Rugs has plans to create 5,000 jobs by 2024 and also expects to reach Rs 1,000 crore revenue in the current fiscal. It had generated Rs 776 crore last year. Yogesh Chaudhary, director of the company, said that in the last two years, Jaipur Rugs has expanded its exports to 20 more countries, taking its reach to 80 countries now. Also, it opened a monoband store in Milan, Italy in 2021 to cater to the increasing demand in the European markets.

Notably, more than 80% of company’s revenue is from exports. The company, which sells products online as well as offline, uses wool, viscose, silk and jute for making its floor coverings. Most of its wool is sourced locally from Bikaner and some of it is sourced from New Zealand. Silk is imported from China and also sourced from traders within India.


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