KARL MAYER: Sporty, Modern Lace


Lace articles produced on the multibar jacquard raschel machines developed by KARL MAYER

“Lace – re-imagined” is the title of the lace collection shown on this page. With its graphically inspired patterns, far removed from the conventional floral and decorative motifs, these designs are perfect for creating sporty, stylish altheisurewear fashions. Women always look good in these attractive jumpsuits, whether they are shopping or at the gym. These all-over fabrics were produced on multibar jacquard raschel machines.

The mosaic-like design relies on fresh, multicoloured effects and a wide variety of structures. The ground is made up of different jacquard grounds – ranging from dense to linear hatched effects and open mesh structures – to create an exciting look. Matt/shiny contrasts bring even more dynamism to the design. The inelastic fabric is combined with a functional, stretch warp-knitted fabric produced on an HKS 3-M in a gauge of E 32. The stretch filet fabric containing elastane turns this jumpsuit into an all-round garment that meets every requirement – breathability, comfort and a perfect fit.

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The OJ 59/1 B and MJ 59/1 B raschel machines in a gauge of E 24 can be used to produce this mosaic-patterned lace. The fabric, with its distinct wavy design, is a real in-between fabric. It features dense and transparent zones and thus combines the performance of functional fabrics with the decorative elements of lace.

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This special design was created on the MJ 52/1 S. The split jacquard bars of LEISUREE.FASHION machines can operate in the same or opposite directions and form stitches. For example, open powernet structures can be produced between the wavy lines to create a dense effect at this point in the pattern. Elastane, processed by the ground guide bars, guarantees a perfect fit and freedom of movement at the same time. A silvery, grey-blue colour mix emphasises the modern design features of the fabric.

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