Kern Liebers To Present Entire Range Of Parts, Needles


At ITMA 2019, KERN-LIEBERS TEXTILE will be represented by KERN-LIEBERS KNITTING PARTS, SAXONIA and LEISTNER, where it will present its entire range of parts and needles.

Casted and plastic blocks for the warp knitting industry
The world’s largest product range from Saxonia, one of the world leaders and the specialist for accessories for the warp knitting industry, includes needles, guide needles, sinkers and blocks for all warp knitting applications.  The company’s extraordinarily long experience in development helps it to continuously expand its product range.

“Because the warp knitting market is creating more and more complex end products, the technical requirements for these products, and in particular for blocks, are constantly increasing. Meeting these increased requirements again and again presents new challenges, but it also means that we achieve the highest standards in terms of quality, the lifespan of our end products, and development expertise,”  according to the company’s media statement.

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Saxonia is the brand for all leading machine manufacturers and end users who rely on the highest quality standards in the warp knitting industry.

Flat knitting STOLL CMS
Kern-Liebers now offers the complete range of needles and parts for CMS machines. Flatbed knitting machine manufacturer Stoll and Kern-Liebers have been working together for decades. This long partnership between the two companies means that Kern-Liebers can offer the complete range of needles and parts for Stoll CMS machines, and it also means that all needles and spare parts meet 100% of OEM specifications. All components working in the needle bed are therefore available from a single source and are fully compatible with each other. Since 2018, this has also been the case for all holding down sinkers.  Kern-Liebers thus offers the best solution, not only for machine manufacturer Stoll, but also for all quality-conscious end users.

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Quality of KERN-LIEBERS Textile means:

  • Highest demands in terms of product quality, evenness, rounding and tempering
  • Renowned and proven KERN-LIEBERS quality for all needle bed elements
  • OEM cooperation means we meet the toughest requirements and provide optimum consultation

PAUL LEISTNER offers a comprehensive assortment of circular combs for cotton combing machines.
The company can deliver combs for different machine types of all leading combing machine manufacturers.

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Paul Leistner’s special expertise shows in the exact and repeatable configuration of the teeth and the accuracy of densities and projections. Thereby the tops can be kept extremely clean which is a prerequisite for an optimum spinning process.


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