Klopman To Showcase Greenwear and K-Flame Product Range At Techtextil 2019


Greenwear and K-Flame will serve as the protagonists in the Klopman product range at Techtextil 2019.  As of now, the company produces more than 1.5 million metres of sustainable fabric and is among the official green exhibitors at the fair. The fair will be conducted between May 14 to 17 2019 at Frankfurt.

New tests on K-Flame flame-retardant fabric demonstrate incomparable performances in terms of breathability and body moisture absorption, making them the ideal choice for hot and humid climates.

Sustainability and quality are the key words characterising the range being featured by Klopman, a leading European company in workwear fabrics, at TECHTEXTIL 2019 in Frankfurt.

The Greenwear range is a concrete expression of the company’s attention to the environment and the investment in production that makes Klopman a pioneer in the production of sustainable fabrics for workwear. Techtextil is the ideal occasion for the company to announce the 1.5 million meters of green fabric it produced in 2018, with significant growth forecasts for the coming years.

Klopman has also been included in the special list of exhibitors officially recognised as sustainable by the fair’s special jury, which has examined the applications presented by the companies on the basis of a specific questionnaire. All the official Techtextil communications linked to the project will contain references to Klopman and visitors will find information on this theme both on the Klopman stand and the fair’s own official stand.

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To further emphasise its vocation as a sustainable company and to promote a virtuous attitude among its customers, Klopman will give its visitors flower seeds as part of the Beethechange initiative. A symbolic gift to remind participants of the importance of protecting bees, whose number is drastically reduced from year to year. Without them, 60% of fruit and vegetables would disappear, as would about 25,000 kinds of flowering plants. Planting a flower is a small and symbolic contribution to safeguard species and the environment that surrounds us.

At Techtextil, Klopman will also exhibit the K-Flame range, flame-retardant fabrics designed to offer resistance to heat, flames and welding as well as giving antistatic and electric arc protection. The K-Flame range has recently undergone further studies by certification bodies, which have decreed the excellent performance of the fabric in terms of breathability and absorption of body moisture. In fact, the K-Flame PRO 175 fabric, with a modacrylic base, has proved to be the most breathable product compared to its competitors and ensures a greater feeling of freshness to the wearer.

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Likewise, K-Flame XTRA 165 is the ultimate choice for warm, humid environments, as it has proven to be softer and more comfortable than other fabrics because it does not stick to the skin. The fabric also limits the risk of skin irritations reaching the highest values in working conditions and quickly absorbs sweat like no other in its category.

Greenwear Products Range 
The Greenwear range of products from Klopman are produced by using polyester obtained from recycled plastic bottles and with sustainable cotton, Beethechange, antistatic

In a dramatic demonstration of production capacity and Klopman’s constant attention to 360-degree sustainability, Klopman sustainable fabrics combine respect for people and the environment with the highest standards of comfort and the quality and durability typical of the company’s products.

The production is based on raw materials that respect the environment and people: polyester made from recycled plastic bottles, wood pulp, cotton certified according to the Fairtrade and BCI standards (Better Cotton Initiative) which take into account the conditions of the producers in developing countries and organic cotton, cultivated in the absence of chemical substances. A very important feature, since cotton uses 2.5% of the world’s cultivated land but consumes 16% of pesticides. Using ecological polyester also means giving new life to a plastic bottle that would take over 1000 years to decompose, saving 45% of energy, 20% of water and 30% of emissions compared to normal polyester.

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The K-Flame displays one of the highlights of Klopman’s fabrics, thanks to its performance and market success, and is designed to offer resistance to heat, flames and welds as well as antistatic and electric arc protection. The product is designed specifically for the needs of the petrochemical, chemical and metallurgical mining industry. The characteristics of the fabric: a special inherent flame-retardant fibre, guarantee prolonged resistance, without compromising on comfort and breathability even in the hottest climates.


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