Korean Retailer Launches Do-Not-Disturb Shopping Service


Lotte Department Store, one of South Korea’s major department store chain operators, will introduce a do-not-disturb shopping service it dubs ‘shop-alone’.

Aimed at customers who do not wish to be approached by sales clerks and other employees – a bug bear of many consumers used to shopping in many Asian countries – has been inspired by the Covid-19 crisis and social-distancing practices. Customers will be able to shop alone without any offer of assistance from staff if they carry a ‘shop-alone’ sticker or bag ring available near stores’ information desks or escalators.

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The do-not-disturb shopping service is the brainchild of new, young staff born after the 1980s, and will be tested at Lotte Department Store’s flagship Young Plaza, and the company’s Jamsil branch. For VIP customers, a personal-shopping consultant will be available for reservations, made via Lotte Department Store’s smartphone app, after they choose an item of interest.

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