Kornit Digital Appoints Ilan Elad to Lead Asia-Pacific Regional Expansion


Incoming KDAP President brings extensive regional aptitude, record of success to “inspiring and disruptive” leader in on-demand production technologies

Kornit Digital, a worldwide market leader in digital textile printing technology, announced the hiring of Ilan Elad as incoming President of the company’s Asia-Pacific (KDAP) division.

Based in Tokyo, Elad has served Daimler Trucks Asia since 2013, most recently as Vice President of Sales—Africa, SAARC, Oceania. Previously, he was Founder and CEO of Vision India, as well as Regional Managing Director NEU with telecommunications company Ciena. Elad has successfully spearheaded go-to-market strategy and execution across multiple continents, with a specific focus on Asia and Oceania in the past 12 years, accumulating vast market insights and leadership instincts that will serve Kornit’s commitment to growth and industry leadership in Asia-Pacific territories—particularly Japan, the world’s fourth-largest e-commerce market.

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In recent months, Elad has served as a consultant to Kornit Digital in support of several expansion opportunities, allowing him to become acquainted with Kornit’s global business, in addition to giving Kornit full confidence in Elad’s qualifications as an executive leader.

“I’ve been aware of Kornit’s growing position as a tech leader for several years, and was genuinely moved by the opportunity to join such an inspiring and disruptive organization,” said Elad. “Mature and ready to grow, Kornit checked all the boxes for me. It’s a creative brand that clearly invests in growth, offering precisely the kind of culture and diversity I’ve been looking for, and one where I’m certain I can create new opportunities from the first days.”

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“Efficient, sustainable, digitized production capabilities are essential to businesses moving from traditional retail cycles to the web-driven, on-demand economy, and nowhere is truer than in Asia-Pacific, where a great deal of the global textile supply chain begins,” said Ronen Samuel, Kornit Digital CEO. “We could not ask for a more knowledgeable, capable, proven candidate than Ilan Elad to lead Kornit’s charge towards innovation leadership and market dominance in this critical region. His appointment reflects our high standards for giving fulfillers and brands the partner they need to generate new business, expand their operations, and elevate the textile industry to be the model of eco-consciousness, versatility, and profitable expression it’s capable of being.”

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