Kornit Unveils Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro In Hong Kong

  • Game-Changing Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro was unveiled at the event
  • New Kornit Product Line-up was shown at Experience Center located in Hong Kong

Kornit Digital, a global market leader in digital textile printing technology, has successfully concluded the Kornit Discover Event in Hong Kong. Kornit Discover Asia Pacific was a three-day (April 15 to 17, 2019) event hosted in Kornit’s Experience Center located in Hong Kong. The event attracted around 100 guests, where the company unveiled the Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro and reviewed the latest product line-up from Kornit. The guests also enjoyed the privilege of a sneak preview of the company’s yet-to-be-launched next generation direct-to-fabric solution, the Kornit Presto.

Unveiling the Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro, Executive Vice President of Global Business at Kornit Digital, Gilad Yron, shared his enthusiasm about the expansion of the Kornit product line, stating: “Today, we celebrate a breakthrough technological innovation. Polyester is the second largest category in the overall t-shirt market, and it is growing in the athleisure and functional apparel. Currently, polyester is printed predominantly by analog solutions, which creates major technological, cost and sustainability challenges. The new ground-breaking KornitNeoPoly Technology addresses these challenges with a new process and ink set implemented in the renowned Kornit NeoPigment™ process. Kornit’s new process handles polyester applications without compromising on design, run size, substrate or labor. This is a huge leap forward, not only for Kornit, but also for the direct-to-garment industry as a whole.”

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The event also provided a tour of Kornit’s Hong Kong Experience Center as well as several hands-on sessions for the visitors to experience the printing technology of Kornit.

Andy Yarrow, Kornit’s President for Asia Pacific, spoke in a media group briefing, highlighting the amazing growth opportunities in the region. “We are looking to expand the business in new segments that include brands and private labels, promotional printing, and more. We introduce new technologies and capabilities, like polyester printing which will for sure shake the market with a solution that answers a lot of the printing problems, same with Atlas speed and HD technology launched earlier this year. The digital textile printing revolution is set to transform one of the most exciting regions in the world. We’re excited to bring advanced and innovative solutions that will make life better for businesses and end the customers in the area.”

Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro
The long-awaited dark polyester solution, Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro, features an innovative ink set and a physical and chemical process specifically developed for low temperature curing, and polyester enhancing functionalities developed to maintain fabric characteristics and provide superior fastness. This unique process prevents dye migration on polyester. The inks are Oeko-Tex and Eco-Passport certified and do not contain PVCs or other toxic ingredients. The single-step Poly Pro is the perfect system for the industry, enabling easy and cost effective short-runs and on-demand printing on polyester garments.

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Kornit Atlas
The Kornit Atlas is a heavy-duty system created for super-industrial garment decoration businesses. It was designed to deliver a typical annual production capacity of up to 350,000 impressions, optimizing production efficiency and cost of ownership. The Kornit Atlas is aimed at highly productive garment decorators, mid to large size screen printers and innovative businesses looking to combine state-of-the art technology with lowest cost of ownership. The system is equipped with new recirculating print heads and comes with a newly developed ink, NeoPigment™ Eco-Rapid. The Kornit Atlas is equipped with a unique printing engine, featuring an enhanced version of Kornit’s HD technology, complemented by a professional RIP (raster image processing) software solution, and produces prints that meet the highest standards of retail quality and durability.

Kornit HD line of industrial direct-to-garment printers
Kornit’s HD systems, now comprising the Kornit Atlas (highlighted in above paragraph), Kornit Avalanche HD6, Kornit Avalanche HDK and Kornit Storm HD6, enable new levels of print quality, well suitable for the fashion and retail markets. Kornit’s NeoPigment™ Rapid ink, specifically developed for Kornit’s HD technology, offers an improved hand feel, as well as increased opacity and saturation of white ink. The print quality is further enhanced by ColorGate’s Professional RIP solution, adding advanced color management and screening capabilities, improved white base creation and pre-defined color libraries for ultimate color matching.

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Kornit Presto
Kornit’s next-generation direct-to-fabric printing system is an environmentally-friendly, all-in-one solution for roll-to-roll printing. Benefitting from its unique and advanced technology, Kornit’s direct-to-fabric printing system eliminates the need for external process steps and enables users to achieve the best results from PFP (Prepared-For-Print) to finished digitally printed fabric in just minutes. Kornit Presto, the company’s yet-to-be-launched next generation direct-to-fabric solution, will be officially launched at ITMA Barcelona, June 20-26, 2019, full details and live demonstrations of the system will be available at the booth (Hall 3, Booth A211).

The Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro and Kornit Atlas can be viewed in live demonstrations at Kornit Digital’s booth at ITMA Barcelona, June 20-26, 2019.


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